Las 6 oficinas más “cool” del mundo

25 11 2007

McLaren Technology Centre – Surrey UK
The staggeringly sleek McLaren Technology Centre is an office and factory in Surrey for the Formula One racing-car company. An artificial lake helps to cool the building and its beating heart – a 475-foot-long wind tunnel used to test Formula One cars.

The view of the lake from overhead

Glass walkways inside the building

The trucks that transport the successful F1 team

Working on the cars

Googleplex – California USA
Googles work ethos sets it apart from other employers. Free meals, a swimming spa, and free doctors onsite. Google engineers can spend
20% of time on independent projects. No wonder the Googleplex gets 1,300
resumés each day!

Gadgets and gizmos dominate the deskspace

Taking a break by the ideas board

Employees playing pool

From playing pool to swimming in one

Taking a break – volleyball outside

Canary Wharf – London UK
Contains Londons three tallest buildings, 1 Canada Square, 8 Canada Square and the Citigroup Tower.

With almost 100,000 people working on-site the buildings are equipped with food and retail outlets, gyms, hairdressers and hotels.

Night falls over Canary Wharf

The exterior of the Underground station

The view from above the Underground station

The view from the platform

The tunnel from the Docklands Light Railway

The Citigroup corridor inside the shopping complex

The view through the glass dome in the shopping centre. Looking up at One Canada Square

Internal corridors

The HSBC history wall

The lobby

Anyone with traffic signals like this gets our vote

Red Bull – London UK

Featuring slides and table tennis you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a nursery rather than a London office. The Soho based London HQ of Red Bull wins in the coolness stakes though.

The front reception desk

Roof terrace

Have you ever used a slide to get to a meeting before?

Employee social area

Cutting edge design

Table tennis or meeting room?

The view from the top floor

Williams Group – Grand Rapids USA

This project for the non-profit consulting group won the 2007 Honor Award in Interior Architecture for design. The space is designed to support the collaborative nature, team structure and strong service culture of the company.

VW Phaeton Plant – Dresden Germany

Who said factories have to be dirty and noisy? A simply beautiful factory.

A view of the factory from outside

The assembly line

Storage area

Vía: Office Furniture Express





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